Dental Delights!

Before I start I would just like to say that I am a big advocate for the NHS out of hours services; many a time NHS direct has come to my aid in the small hours of the morning, or when the 2 year old decides that a Saturday evening is a good time to get an odd looking rash! But this week I had the misfortune to develop an absess whilst away from home and in the afternoon! 

The whole sorry saga started whilst pregnant with Oliver when the dentist kindly informed me that I have 2 wisdom teeth that needed removing as they were looking a bit ‘dodgy’! Now, being what could midly be called a ‘nervous’ patient he decided that to save my pregnant blood pressure we would talk about it after Ollie came along. When I visited him after the arrival he asked if I wanted him to remove them for me in the surgery? To this day I still pride myself on not swearing at the stupid man (either that or suggesting where he could insert his drill or injections!). Once he had got the hint that I didn’t want him to do it, he told me that he would have to refer me to the hospital (where they can better deal with people who develop violent dentist centred urges when faced with treatment)!  Having just about coped with the assessment appointment (if crying like a baby counts as coping), I dutifully turned up to have the offending teeth removed with the aid of some gas and air to relax me (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). 30 minutes, and 1 panic attack later, I left with my teeth still firmly attached to my mouth!  Another appointment was made and then cancelled (chicken I know), then another was made……………………but before the appointment the offending tooth crumbled and fell out! Devine intervention I thought! No need to go to the dentist to be jabbed and pulled around and have my gum scalpelled open; this disillusionment on my part lasted until I visited my dentist for a regular check up; only to be told the root was still there! He cottoned on quite quickly that I didn’t want anything done until the fateful day when it would start to give me trouble – a day that I thought was a long time away………………………..! What I would like to say at this point is that they were reluctant to discuss a knock out and remove job due to my being overweight!

So, my root and I have been happily co-existing for a few months until this week when it started to get a bit of an attitude and started niggling! I treated it to some ibuprofen and paracetmol and politely asked it to keep quiet! Obviously my root has a rebelious streak as by Thursday afternoon it was ignoring both mine, and the drugs requests to keep quiet and was practically shouting in there! By this point I was away from home for a couple of days at parents house so couldn’t phone my own dentist. Mid afternoon Thursday I decided that I really should phone the NHS Dental Line for some help, being a ‘HELPLINE’ this is what I thought I would get! Instead I got an answerphone asking for my details and a brief description of my problem and someone would phone back within an hour!!! The nice lady phoned back about 3.30 to offer me an emergency appointment with a local dentist at (ready for this????) 11.20 the next day!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, I thought this was an emergency appointment? I am in agony here!! But apparently that was all they could do! Despair and panic was starting to set in by this point……………………………! OK, so I decided to be brave, it was only 20 hours, I could do it, I had drugs, I had gone through a few hours of contractions, I had injected myself twice a day for the last 3 months of pregnancy – no wisdom tooth root with an attitude problem was going to beat me! WHIMPER! Well, within an hour I was on the phone to NHS Direct begging them for help and basically getting hysterical down the phone! Big brave girl I know! I was very kindly put through to a dental nurse who I think had the interpersonal skills of a t-rex with PMT! I started off by telling her, between sobs, that I was scared stiff of dentists and teeth problems and her only response was that they couldn’t improve on the 11.20 appointment time and that all I could take was 2 more paracetamol until 7am the next day (had already taken the maximum ibuprofen and 6 paracetamol by that point), but the best one was that getting upset wasn’t neccesary! Luckily for her my parents had raised me not to swear at people , and as I was in their house I thought I should stick to that rule! Her other piece of advice was to try calling another dentist to see if they could squeeze me in but seeing as it was nearly 5 she wasn’t optimistic! As I said at the start of this post, I have full respect for the NHS and the out of hours services it provides, but for some reason it seems if your problem relates to teeth then you are on your own! Now if I had phoned NHS Direct and said my arm hurts, I would have been able to go to A&E or the out of hours doctors service and would be patched up and sleeping happily that night! As it was I went off to bed with my attitude root shouting loudly, my 2 timid paracetamol and a sense of dread that 11am would never arrive! To cut it short, it was a night from hell! 3am is not a good time of night in anyones book but definitely not a good time to be pacing around a house trying to keep the wimpering at a decibel level that won’t wake half the town!

Somehow I survived the night and made it to the dentist where I met the nicest man ever; he prescribed me anti biotics and gave me sympathy! He is my new best friend!!! He thinks that they are going to seriously consider knocking me out to sort it out, and that suits me fine!

So the dental delights continue, I foresee a battle with my dentist starting over being knocked out; but the way I see it they knock fat people out to perform odd voodoo magic on them (gastric bands and bypasses), so why should knocking one out to evict  a wisdom tooth root with an attitude problem be that different……………………………….??

Melancholy Mummy!

This is going to be a short blog tonight!

1. I hate the rain

2. I think I am getting a cold

3. I hate the rain

4. Bloody hormones

5. I hate the rain

Here endeth the blog!!

Will be cheerier next time – promise!! x x

The Big Bad I Said No!

Do you ever say a word so many times that it stops having any meaning? At the moment that word in the Miles house is NO, closely followed by the word Oliver! ‘No Oliver don’t throw your toys’ ‘No Oliver don’t tip your breakfast on the floor’ ‘No Oliver, please get your teeth out of my arm!’. My house is starting to sound like an episode of Stop It and Tidy Up, with me as the Big Bad I Said No! 

For those who don’t know it Stop It and Tidy Up was a kids TV show from the 80’s and had characters such as Comb Your Hair, Wash Your Face, Hurry Up, Go and Play, Calm Down, Not Now, Bee Have, Bee Quiet, Go to Bed, Don’t Do That, Take Care, Eat Your Greens, Clean Your Teeth and the big, bad I Said No, not to mention Say Please And Say Thank You. There were also extra characters called Naughties and Sit Downs, and they all lived in the mythical land of Do As You’re Told. Well the last time I checked the atlas the mythical land of Do As You’re Told was not in Somerset and even if it was it was nowhere near Wellington, so why is it happening to me!!?? I don’t want to live in a world of toddlers testing the boundaries and trying to be independent. This isn’t because I don’t want him to develop a personality of his own, but I know how stubborn Stephen and I both are and it looks like Ollie has inherited that particular trait from both of us, the perfect storm so to speak!  The toddler stage is bad enough but God help us in the teenage years when hormones are involved; the phrases ‘unstoppable force’ and ‘immovable object’ come to mind! Sometimes I long for the days when I could put him down and at least have a wee without worrying about what he was up to, although I don’t even get loo time in peace now as he has decided he has to bang on the door until I let him in with me!! 

I can’t say that Oliver is the only one who encounters the Big Bad I Said No. In the garden centre on Sunday Stephen decided that a fruit tree to go in our bedroom would be lovely! This was greeted with a very strange look from me and a very big NO! Now he thinks I am being unreasonable; I just think he is being odd! Thankfully I am not alone in these thoughts, various other people I have asked think it is a bit of an odd choice! Apparently awakening to a citrus scent would be invigorating of a morning, I therefore offered to buy a citrus air freshener if he thought a scent of lemon would invigorate us and mitigate the effects of searching for a dummy in the wee hours of the morning that ends up either being right under Oliver’s cot, or right by his mouth! 

But do you know what? At the end of the day I wouldn’t change a single thing about either of them………………but just the odd visit to the loo in peace would be appreciated! :) x

Hello world!

Well here we go……..

Hello world! Have often thought about starting a bit of blogging but never knew where to start and was never really sure that my life is that interesting :) So, a brief introduction is in order. I am Nick (or Nicola when in trouble with my mother!), I am thirty something and have been married to Stephen for 8 years and 6 days! We are parents to the monster known as Oliver who was 2 in July. I say monster but most of the time he is an angel so when he does develop monsterous tendancies it makes it all the more dramatic! We live in Somerset, where today it is actually sunny for once and no, we don’t drive combine harvesters but yes, we do drink cider! Oooh-arr my lovelies, and all that stereotypical Somersetness!

So in a brief hello, that is me! I am going to have to go and have a think about what to blog about next, but first I think it is time for a nice cup of tea and a slice of fruit loaf (thank you Waitrose!!!!)

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! x


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